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Our Females

Komet von Wolfstraum stack 10-29-16.jpg

V Komet von Wolfstraum


H/E A Normal, DM Clear

Neon von der Traumwolfen

BH, BCAT, BN, CD, RA, (Rally 2 & Agility 1 - ASDR), THD, TKI, CGCA, CGCU, ATD Cert. Therapy Dog,

SV H/E A Normal, LUW 0, DM Clear


Ebene stack 11-14-15.jpg

Ebene von Kindheitstraum

HOT BH, CD, RN, THDX, TKI, CGC, ATD Certified Therapy Dog

OFA Good/Normal, DM Clear

Neon 5 years old_edited.jpg

     Neon is our girl from our own breeding between Komet von Wolfstraum and Ebene.  Komet is a really nice representative of the GSD breed.  He has a solid stable temperament, sound nerves, good solid structure with a V rating under a top German Breed Judge, really nice ball and strong hunt drives, and is a very strong dog in working ability.  We were extremely pleased with the "L" and "M" Litters with Komet and Ebene.

     Neon is a very active and energetic girl, but socially and environmentally stable female, with nice food and ball drives.  She can be a very determined girl and we sure do love her.  We've been training towards and earning AKC titles in Rally, Trick Dog, Obedience, as well as being a Certified and Registered Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Covid put a halt on our Therapy Dog visits, but we are hoping to get back into more visits this year and earning more Therapy Dog titles as well.  We have competed in several ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) events.  Neon placed Best of Breed and a Reserve Best of breed, along with earning Rally 2 and Agility 1 Titles in 2023.

     Previous siblings have gone into working and companion homes, from Washington and Alberta, Canada to Pennsylvania.  I'm very excited to watch her continue to mature, see what we can do together, and we expect to produce some super puppies with Neon.

Ace Stack.jpg

V Ace von der Herzen Haus


SV H/E Fast Normal/Normal, DM Clear

Dragon von Haus Hudak

Dragon almost 4 years old_edited.jpg
Journey vd Traumwolfen Training 12-9-17 018a.jpg

Journey von der Traumwolfen


SV H/E A Normal, DM Clear

BH, BCAT, BN, Rally 2 (ASDR), RA,

ATD Certified Therapy Dog

SV H/E A Normal, LUW 1, DM Clear 

           Dragon is our Ebene granddaughter, that we purchased to get her mom's bloodlines back. Dragon is the daughter of Ace von der Herzen Haus and Journey von der Traumwolfen.  Ace competed at several National Championships.  Journey is a strong female with fantastic temperament and drives that were passed on to Dragon.

          Dragon had a super temperament, fantastic with people and gets along with other dogs easily.  She has high prey drives, good food drives, good hunt drive, strong, stable nerves and is sweet and loving. 

          Dragon has earned her BCAT title in 6 starts, and is crazy for chasing the lure.  She earned her Rally Novice and Rally Intermediate titles virtually, during the Covid-19 shut down.  She easily passed her CGC, and became a Certified and Registered Therapy Dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at a year old.  With the opening up after the pandemic, Dragon has earned her THD title of 50 visits.  We will continue working on more titles through AKC and possibly in Schutzhund.  This year we participated in several ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) events.  She won a Best in Breed and two Reserve Best of Breed, as well as earning her Rally 1 & 2 Titles.   

          Dragon passed all of her health clearances, with them being submitted to the SV in Germany.  She also tested DM Clear through DDC.  Dragon developed severe allergies this past winter, and once tested, and on medication, she is doing great and we are no longer having issues.  We feel the extremely dry winter played a large role in this happening.  After weighing all the pro's and con's, consulting with vets and other respected breeders, we have decided to try a litter with Dragon.

Pfalcon von Wolfstraum 7-28-2020.jpg

Pfalcon von Wolfstraum

BH, (IGP pending)

OFA Fair (Prelim Good)/Normal,

DM Clear

Rizz von der Traumwolfen

STAR Puppy, CGC, Agility 1 & Rally 2 in ASDR

A Normal Hips and Elbows, LUW0DM Clear


Rizz 21 months old_edited.jpg

Ball Zulu z Martinicke Stare skoly


DKK A/A, DLK 0/0, DM Clear

Sable/Sable and Normal/Long Coat


     Rizz is our home bred girl from Pfalcon von Wolfstraum (Branik von der Traumwolfen and Kira von Wolfstraum), and our import girl Ball Zulu z Martinicke Stare skoly aka Zulu. This was the third breeding between this pair and the previous breedings produced such solid stable temperamented pups, great with kids in family homes and still able to work.  With such great results, we decided that we needed to keep a female back for our future breeding plans.  

     Pfalcon is such a solid nerved, super temperamented fella, and brings back Elsa's bloodlines through Branik, close up in this breeding.  He is great with kids, other dogs, and yet ready to turn it on in an instant if needed.  His mother Kira was HGH (Herding) titled, and he himself has natural herding instincts.

     Zulu is our special girl, she's our protector at home, but aloof and indifferent while in public.  She's great with other dogs.  She has produced wonderful puppies with Komet von Wolfstraum, and with Pfalcon von Wolfstraum (his mother Kira, is a littermate to Komet).

     Excited to see what all we con do with this girl.  We've been participting in ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) events this past year, and she's done very well.  Going Best of Breed twice, and earning Rally 1 and 2 Titles and her Agility 1 Title all this year.  Planning on doing several AKC events in 2024 for more 
Obedience and Rally Titles.   It's going to be a fun ride with her!!!


Pfalcon von Wolfstraum 7-28-2020_edited.jpg
Dragon almost 4 years old.jpg

Vista von der Traumwolfen

Pfalcon von Wolfstraum

BH, (IGP pending)

OFA Fair (Prelim Good)/Normal,

DM Clear

Dragon von Haus Hudak

BH, BCAT, Rally 2 (ASDR), RI, THD,

CGCA, CGCU, ATD Certified Therapy Dog

SV H/E A Normal, LUW 1, DM Clear 

Vista 5 months old.jpg
STAR Puppy
Born 2/3/2024

     We are pleased to announce our 6th generation girl - Vista von der Traumwolfen, the daughter of Pfalcon von Wolfstraum and Dragon von Haus Hudak (Ace von der Herzen Haus and Journey von der Traumwolfen).  Vista is linebred 3-5 on both Dragon Bohemia Abakan and Enni van Klipgaarden (aka Elsa, our first female).

     Vista is a gorgeous very dark Sable Long Coat girl, who has very strong food, ball and prey drives, and a very sweet temperament.  I'm very excited to see what this young girl will grow up to do and be.  We plan on doing AKC and ASDR events, and I also plan on doing Therapy Dog work, as well as possibly Agility with her.


Joseph Anrebri IPO3, HD-00, ED-AA, DM-NN
Huricaine Moravia Campanella IPO1, UPr1,
SG Ball Zulu z Martinicke Stare skoly

V-Joseph Anrebri


HD/ED Ausland, DM Clear

SG Huricaine Moravia Campanella

IPO1, UPr1, ZVV1, SPr3

HD 0/0, ED A/A Czech

Zulu stack 6-20-22_edited.jpg


DKK A/A, DLK 0/0, DM Clear

Sable/Sable and Normal/Long Coat


     We have really enjoyed having Zulu as a member of our family.  We welcomed Zulu from the Czech republic, with her official hips and elbows already certified.  She also tested DM Clear, and was tested for coat color and length, which resulted in Sable/Sable coat color and she carried one Long Coat gene.

     Zulu is 3/4 West German and 1/4 Czech bloodlines.  She carried a very strong pedigree, with many well known dogs behind her.  She is line bred on Buster vom Adelmannsfelder Land, a gorgeous Black male who was V rated at the BSZS, which speaks highly of his structure for a working dog.

     We earned her AKC CD and RN titles in one weekend.  She also earned her BCat Title..  She has produced some very nice puppies, including our Rizz, and is now spayed and retired.  

     Zulu is now living with her retirement family near Philadelphia, PA.

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