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Welcome to 

Kennel von der Traumwolfen

The home "of the Dream Wolves"

The German Shepherd Dog is our "Dream Dog".

We are located in Nebraska.  Contact Us

Dave and Archer 2015 USCA WDC
Dragon and Zulu CGC 7-2-2020.jpg
Dragon and Zulu BCAT Titles Seward NE 5-
ASDR Stateline Showdown 8-20-22 002.jpg
Traumwolfen Crew11-2-2022_edited.jpg
Rizz 21 months old_edited.jpg
Dragon almost 4 years old_edited.jpg
Ebene Stack 9-3-2020_edited.jpg
Zulu stack 6-20-22_edited.jpg


Jyce and Jaia Lincoln Co Fair 5 Blues 7-
Ebene, Chita and Jaia training 10-2-16.j
Ebene focus 3-8-2013.jpg
Platte Valley K9 Training.jpg
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